good news

Here's a "Silver Lining" For All Those
Who Didn't Get Into My: "Perpetual
Traffic Formula" Training Program...

Dear friend,

I appreciate your interest in my "Perpetual Traffic Formula"...

Unfortunately, the offer sold out and I had to close the doors, so if you were not one of the lucky ones who managed to signup in time, don't're not alone.

The emails to customer support keep piling up from people literally begging me to let them in. And as much as I wish I could take everyone, I set a hard deadline, and now that training has begun it wouldn't be fair to the active students to let new people join the program late.

I'm sure you can understand...

But with the emails continuing to pile up, I knew I needed to do something...

I truly wish I could take on more people at this time. Not only is it hard to turn away $1997 when so many people want to give it to you, but I genuinely want to see as many people as possible succeed.

That's why I'm going to give you...

...A Second Chance! (with twist)

Here's the deal: I have decided to open Perpetual Traffic Formula up to people outside the core "Perpetual Traffic Formula" group.

The only difference is, you won't have direct access to me and my team. (That's the primary factor that forced me to limit the number of participants in the first place. I simply don't have time to personally mentor anymore students. I also know the limits of my team, and refuse to sacrifice quality for more money.)

So here's how it's gonna work...

Each week you will receive the EXACT same training materials as "Core PTF Coaching Group". The only difference is that they will be able to get me on the phone with me and my team for the weekly group Q&A calls and you won't.

They will also be able to ask questions inside the members area and get direct answers...YOU WON'T!

In short, you get access to the training...but for the most part you're on your own.

But that's not all...

In week FOUR, you will recieve access to the same propritary software, "LinkBounder", as the core group, but while they received a 1-year license, I will only be able to give you a 60 day trial to the software. (After the 60-day trial, your "LinkBounder" software will rebill at the charter rate of $97...which is still less than the $197/month we will offer it for later on this year.)

You will still recieve an invitation to come to Austin, TX in September for my live Traffic Generation event, "Driving Traffic LIVE". However, where the main group got 2 tickets so they could bring a guest, I can only give you ONE free ticket (thats still a $1000 value).

The cost?

Well, since this group doesn't require any additional time or effort, I'm willing to let you "sit in" on the training at a significant discount. How significant? Over half off...$997 to be exact. In fact, I'm even going to finance that for you and let you get started for today just $397!

So, for just $397, you can have access to the exact same training materials, just without the access to me.

I realize that this isn't the perfect solution...especially if you were hoping for one-on-one support and mentoring. Right now, however, it's the best that I can offer you, and that's why I sincerely encourage you to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!

You'll Still Get Access To:
My Complete PTF Ranking System…..$4000 Value
Access to My Team for 8 Weeks…........$2000 Value
Complete Site Review…………….....…..$500 Value
1-Year 60 Day LinkBounder License…...$400 Value
2 1 Ticket To Driving Traffic LIVE….......$1000 Value

You get the entire Perpetual Traffic Formula…for ONLY $997 (and I'm even willing to finance that for you!)

CLICK HERE to signup now!!

If you're having a hard time remembering Exactly what is included in "Perpetual Traffic Formula' and how it's going to get you Traffic on demand and make you very happy check out this video explanation right now by clicking image:

If you're worried about your chances of succeeding with the Second Chance offer don't worry about it...

I've made similar offers in previous coaching programs and there are almost as many people who succeed out of the Second Chancers as there are with "Core Coaching Group". I haven't quite figured that part out but as far as I can tell an action taker is an action taker...

Sometimes it just takes a little longer to see or the right window of opportunity to jump through head first and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Only you know if this is your window but regardless Your Second Chance expires so if there was ever a time to be decisive it would be now.

You will receive your first training module on Tuesday, August 3rd when the rest of the group receives theirs. But since I need everyone to be on the same page from week to week...

...This "Second Chance Offer" Will Expire
this coming Monday at MIDNIGHT.

To quote "Johnny Tough Guy" TV cops everywhere, "That's not a's a promise."

You've already seen that I take my deadlines VERY seriously, so please don't put this one to the test.

In the end, I truly want to see you succeed...that part hasn't changed. This is a rare second chance that you've been given. Please don't waste it...


IMPORTANT: Your 2nd Chance Offer EXPIRES Wednesday August, 4th at MIDNIGHT!

2nd Chance Single Payment Option

Yes! Please let me in Perpetual Traffic Formula for one single payment of $997...

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2nd Chance Three Payment Option

Yes! Please let me in Perpetual Traffic Formula for three monthly payments of $397...

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